Our Style

Our style of martial arts, Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do, was founded 350 years ago in the village of Shuri, Okinawa by the famous Soken “Bushi” Matsumura, chief bodyguard to three Okinawan kings. Matsumura in turn passed on his system of karate to family members. It was practiced in secret, and was used in self-defense against samurai invading from Japan.

The style is characterized by low- to mid-height kicks, a unique method of blocking, strong open-hand strikes, and specialized methods of body positioning and evasion. It is a very defensive art! There is a strong emphasis on traditional kata (forms) as well. It is taught today in our dojo in the traditional method as it has always been taught in Okinawa. Every aspect of this art is sure to keep you intrigued, interested and accomplished.

Sound interesting? Please register for the class at the Kittery Community Center, or call (207)439-3800 for more information.